~History Undressed~
Lady Maridy appears for the crowd dressed as a lovely lady of high standing. With wit, insight, and grace she then proceeds to undress down to a modernly modest drawers and chemise, explaining the use and reason for each of the 17 or more articles of clothing and accessories.

~Fashion Shows~
Victorian fashions range from the 1840s up to about 1900. Women’s fashions in that sixty years were almost as diverse as the following sixty years. Women went from wearing several petticoats under their skirts, to huge four foot diameter cages. Next came the bustle (ie, the huge rear) and then the sleeves wide enough to make navigating some doorways a chore. The Victorian Fashion show showcases many of these fashions.

Elizabethan fashion shows showcase fashions from a servant girl in the kitchens to the Archbishop of Dublin, from a lowly, though wealthy mercenary to the Queen herself. All fashions are period correct and thoroughly researched. There can be five to fifteen different fashions.

With anywhere from five to twenty five models (provided for you or by you), the Victorian and Elizabethan Fashion shows are sure to be a hit with all ages and even both genders.

~Meet and Greet~

Yesteryear Productions can furnish one or more people to lend a historical air to your next function, be it a lawn party, fancy tea, or just a get together with your friends.

The fun and often witty actors are amusing to watch as they travel through the crowd, interacting with all who seem interested. Little skits and amusing conversation between the actors keep the crowd hanging on their every word. The members of Yesteryear are experienced at greeting and welcoming people, engaging them in conversation, and giving your visitors a little slice of history and fun.

~School Field Trips~

Make learning fun, bring the field trip to the school! Lady Maridy and her crew can come to your school and set up a Renaissance Encampment or a Victorian Lawn Party. Your students would learn all about the different social classes, games, dancing, and clothing of either time period. Additionally, any of the above entertainment venues can also be used for education and entertainment for your students.

~Etiquette Classes~

Step back into history and learn the social graces that all true Ladies and Gentlemen possessed. Learn many interesting historical tidbits as well as information useful to life in this day and time, for proper etiquette is not just a thing of the past. Being a true Lady or Gentleman never goes out of style.

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